Company Profile

In the 25 years that Alan Colling, Certified Public Accountant and Tax Agent has been in the Knox
area, he has seen many
changes to our tax
and accounting system.

But none more dramatic than in recent years when new legislations were introduced. Without doubt, the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax was the most dramatic change
to in the last 100 years of taxation law

However there have been other changes - in Capital Gains Tax; Superannuation; Fringe Benefits
Tax; Business Activity Statements;
and a general increase in the ATO
audit activity.


As a result, businesses and individuals are more than ever required to produce accurate and timely information on
their tax year transactions. This is
where we at Alan Colling tax can help.

Tax accountants are more proactive
in that they have become a partner
to individuals and businesses in the
quest to reduce the tax burden. We provide timely, accurate and reliable information to third parties such as banks and government agencies.

The team at Alan Colling tax strive to work with all clients in a constructive and informative manner with a tax system that has become increasingly demanding and complex.

We also provide specialist consultation for currently unemployed individuals, students, retirees and the disabled,
as well as new businesses.



Alan Colling, Director